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ABOUT Hamilton Devices

Based in Sacramento, California, Hamilton Devices has been providing vaporizers of varying designs since 2018. They are an authentic CCELL distributor and have been well known for their 510 threaded cartridges and vaporizer batteries for two years now. They supply to individual enthusiasts and bulk buyers alike – and the latter can save a lot with volume discounts.

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All of Hamilton Devices’ vaporizer batteries come with high-quality circuit boards and multiple protections to prevent short circuits – this isn’t some run of the mill stuff that came off the factory line as quickly as it could. Besides coming with a solid and proven electronic infrastructure, Hamilton Devices takes their game to the next level by bringing great, innovative designs to the table.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Hamilton Devices pushes the envelope of what’s cool in 510 thread vaping. I’ve previously been able to try their TOMBSTONE vaporizer, their Gold Bar vaporizer, as well as their ILUMI vaporizer. Standing on the shoulders of those giants, I was very excited to try this new KR1 Concentrate and Cartridge Bubbler because I love water filtration.

KR1 Concentrate & Cartridge Bubbler Review

Hamilton Devices KR1 Bubbler _KR1

The Hamilton Devices KR1 Bubbler comes in a black and gold box featuring a symmetrical octopus design on the front. It comes with an extra set of o-rings, a dab tool, a micro USB charging cable, and an atomizer. Powering the whole thing is a 500mah battery and all in all the device measures in at 1.87” x 0.91” x 6.17”. It comes with PCTG terpene resistant plastic and its non-electronic parts are dishwasher safe for when you do need to clean them.

Hamilton Devices KR1 Bubbler _KR1

Setting up the KR1 might look difficult out of the box, but it’s very intuitive. One plastic box piece functions as both the water chamber and the cover for the cartridge or atomizer. The water chamber is located in the glass mouthpiece that has a small fixed stem that lines up with a hole to the cartridge chamber – make sure to line this hole up so as much vapor can be water filtered as possible. I recommend filling it up about a third to a half an inch of water so you don’t get any splash damage.

The Hamilton Devices KR1 coms with the same functionality as other Hamilton Devices vaporizers, you can change the voltage of the hit – represented by blue (3.2V) white (3.6V), and red (4.0V) – with three pushes of the fire button depending on what kind of concentrate you’re hitting. I went straight for the highest voltage to get the most powerful hit possible because I wanted to see how much the water filtration makes a difference.

Hamilton Devices KR1 Bubbler _KR1

I loaded up some shatter in the wax coil atomizer and ripped away. I tried to keep the KR1 perpendicular to the ground for maximum water filtration surface area, but I couldn’t resist tilting my head to watch the bubbles go. You know the joy you get from watching smoke travel through the different chambers in a very very nice bong? This is the mini version of that, and the hits are just as smooth.

I also tried it at a lower temperature setting with a cartridge and was happily blown away by the silky smooth vapor. Something about the harshness being left in the water made the taste stand out that much better. I’ve never, ever had the privilege of hitting a cartridge with water filtration before, and now that I’ve started, I don’t know that I can go back. The KR1 is large enough to fit pretty much any 510 threaded cartridges that you can throw at it – both a 1.0 or 0.5ml.

This device can stay with you as a desktop vaporizer or it can be on the go. Just keep a water bottle with you – which you should have to stay hydrated anyways – to fill it up when the time comes. Here’s a tip – use the coldest water you can find. If you’re at home, it doesn’t hurt to throw in small pieces of crushed ice, too.

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

I’ve seen some small bubblers in my time but not an electronic bubbler of this caliber and size. In terms of its form factor, the closest thing is a box mod and if you have big hands a passerby might just think that’s what you’re hitting. That is unless they’re close enough to hear the bubbling.

Hamilton Devices has done it again with their innovative streak. Nothing beats water filtration when it comes to smoking and vaping – except perhaps water filtration on the go. Just like every one of Hamilton Devices’ vapes, the KR1 is a 2-in-1 conversation starter and a statement that you know what quality vaping is.

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By Caleb Chen

Caleb Chen is an avid cannabis researcher and founder of The Highest Critic.

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  1. Nice spam filter preventing comments… The KR1 SUCKS for wax/shatter. They changed their wax coil to a version without a tiny hole inside. It does not get hot enough and causes wax/shatter to just form on the inner plastic piece. The KR1 is only good for D8/D9 oil carts. Getting it to use with wax/shatter will disappoint you.

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