Vaping in Canada

Vaping in Canada: How to Vape Legally?

Canada has the second-largest marijuana and vaping market in the world, with the United States being the largest. After the recent vaping illnesses deaths, though, the country has cracked down on its laws and regulations in an attempt to make the market safer for its citizens.

Though this does make it more difficult for companies to advertise and sell their products in Canada, it does not have much effect on some high-end companies like CCELL, who continue to make high-quality, safe CCELL cartridges, batteries, and other vaping products. Here is more information on the new vaping laws in Canada, what they mean for you, and how Hamilton Devices, authentic CCELL seller, is in total compliance.

What Are the New No Smoking Laws?

No Smoking sign

Canada abides by the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, as well as, the Non-smokers’ Health Act. These acts set the minimum age of smoking any products to 18 and also ban the use and sale of any tobacco or vaping product where smoking is prohibited.

The acts have also enacted new advertising restrictions, restrict incentive promotions to consumers, and banned any type of vaping or tobacco products from being sold from a vending machine unless it is in a location where minors are prohibited.

childproof graphicFurther regulations include a ban on selling vaping products wherever tobacco sales are banned. A promotion ban in stores unless it is a point of sale ad showing availability and price and is in a location where minors are prohibited.

Certain provinces have also added new vaping and marijuana laws of their own. For example, British Columbia has enacted higher taxes on vaping products, further restricts where products can be marketed or sold, limits the nicotine content in vaping products, and places restrictions on the packaging.

Ottawa has enacted similar laws with mandatory health warnings on vaping product packaging, limits on nicotine content, and childproofing the packaging of vaping products.

CCELL and New Canadian Laws 

Most of the new regulations in Canada are meant to limit the exposure of underage individuals to the marketing of vape products and make it difficult for them to buy, open, or use vaping devices. CCELL has never attempted to market to underage users or make their devices or products appealing to them. They have even created a new product, the CCELL TH205-RYS, that meets the new Canadian vaping laws.

What is the CCELL TH205-RYS?

The CCELL TH205-RYS is a vaping device with a CCELL ceramic heating element and a 360-degree child-resistant stainless steel press-on mouthpiece. This mouthpiece cannot be removed or refilled after being secured, making it a one-time use. The mouthpiece must be put on with a special tool and cannot be pressed on by hand, making it impossible for a child to use.

The device is made of food-grade stainless steel and is completely hygienic and leak-proof. As with all of CCELLs’ products, the TH205-RYS is third-party tested to ensure it is completely safe for consumers.

In addition to being compliant with new Canadian laws on vaping, the new cartridge also addresses the needs of the consumer and provides a user-friendly vaping experience with unmatched flavor and large clouds for various viscosity. With only CCELL ceramic heating elements inside, this new cartridge is the ultimate vaping experience.

CCELL Plays by the Rules

CCELL has always put its customers’ health and safety as the top priority. Whenever a country they sell their products in enacts new rules or regulations, they are the first to ensure their products are compliant and address the underlying concerns of the consumer. Though their CCELL cartridges and other products are all top quality and exceed health and safety standards, they decided to take their cartridges a step further with the new CCELL TH205-RYS  that appeases strict vaping laws on the accessibility of their cartridges. Further demonstrating the cutting edge technology you can always expect from CCELL.


This is what sets CCELL apart and makes companies like Hamilton Devices, want to sell CCELL products. As an authentic, CCELL seller, Hamilton Devices has quickly seen the need for quality products like the CCELL TH205-RYS and added it to their store. Hamilton Devices strives to take its products and company as a whole to the next level.

Where Can I Buy Hamilton Devices Products Online?

Hamilton DevicesHamilton Devices offers something for every type of consumer and when you buy vaping products such as CCELL cartridges, CCELL batteries, and other accessories from the company, you know you are getting the highest in quality and safety. Hamilton Devices is committed to providing the best products in the vaping industry to its consumers. They will never try to go around regulations, giving their customers peace of mind that each of their purchases is legal in their country and that their health is never at risk.

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