Flower of Life CBD Vape

Flower of Life CBD Vape and Gummy Reviews

I recently received Flower of Life CBD’s 300mg Full Spectrum CBD pod and branded mod battery, along with a bag of 100mg CBD gummy bears.

Flower of Life CBD Company Info

Flower of Life CBD has supplied CBD products to the American market since 2016. Headquartered in San Clemente, California, Flower of Life CBD’s mission is to improve the quality of daily life for its customers by providing the highest quality organic and natural CBD products for overall health and wellness.

Flower of Life CBD’s line of high-quality CBD products also includes topicals, tinctures, soft gels, and crystals for those that might want to have an alternative other than vaping CBD. They even have CBD for Pets, a pet tincture just for our furry friends.

Flower of Life CBD Pod and Battery Reviews
   Flower of Life CBD Vape

I received two white boxes featuring Flower of Life CBD’s interlocking flower design. The first contained the Flower of Life CBD 400mah battery for pods in their Black Soft Touch color, a charging cable, and a user manual. The second contained the Flower of Life CBD 300mg CBD Pod in the Orange Julius flavor. Other pod flavors available are: Cactus Cooler, Cherry Skittles, Grapefruit Kush, Purple Trainwreck, Sour Tangie, Starburst, and Super Lemon Haze.

Flower of Life CBD Vape

I opened both boxes and connected them together without a second thought. When you first stick in the CBD pod, you’ll see the blue light, it lights up as a sign that the connection has been properly made – after that you’re good to go! The vaporizer is activated by inhaling.

Flower of Life CBD Vape

After my first puff, I let out a respectable amount of vapor and marveled at the smooth taste and throat feel. Within fifteen minutes I could feel my worries move towards the back of my mind, and I felt calm for the first time that day. The flavor of the Orange Julius strain CBD pod was not overpowering in neither taste when inhaled or smell after exhale. It almost tasted like the juice version of an orange creamsicle.

After a second puff, I went for a walk as it was sunny and I felt so refreshed. My mind was clear of anxiety all during my walk. What I concluded on this walk was that health is important – and I’m a firm believer that CBD is a part of a healthy lifestyle, maximizes the number of years you’ll live and the quality of those years. 

Taste: 4.8/5

Effectiveness: 4.9/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 4.9/5

Flower of Life CBD 100mg CBD Gummy Bears Reviews

Flower of Life CBD Vape

The Flower of Life CBD 100mg CBD Gummy Bears come with the infinite, interlocking design featured in the background of the Flower of Life CBD logo on the entire bag – and it’s mesmerizing. To open the bag, first, tear at the designated spot to access the resealable function. The gummy bears themselves come with a little more detail than your average gummy bear – you can actually see the paw print! – which is just another point where Flower of Life CBD’s attention to quality shines.

The bag comes with 10 gummy bears at 10mg of CBD each – and get this – they only have 5 calories per gummy bear. For comparison, the Haribo gummy bears that most people are used to have nearly 50% more calories per bear – and high fructose corn syrup. Flower of Life CBD makes it a point not to use high fructose corn syrup in their CBD gummy bears and instead use non-GMO glucose syrup and pure cane sugar. To put it simply: It tastes better, and it is healthier for you. All that before the CBD even kicks in.

Flower of Life CBD Vape

This is the best watermelon flavored candy I have ever tried. Watermelons are a hard taste to capture, but Flower of Life CBD Gummies nailed it. I’ve tried many watermelon candies and the combination of pure cane sugar and more natural watermelon flavoring puts Flower of Life CBD’s watermelon flavor at the top of the list by a long shot.

I ate one gummy to start with as 10mg is a perfect dosage amount nowadays. Right after the hour mark, I was able to note the full effects of the CBD as my back fully loosened up. I channeled my inner yogi and stretched.

Taste: 5/5

Effectiveness: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

Overall score: 5/5

The taste of Flower of Life CBD Gummy Bears is delicious and consistent and doesn’t contain any off, plant matter tones. Since the CBD is provided by CBD isolate, the gummy bears also provide consistent dosage alongside taste. I’d recommend these CBD gummy bears to anyone looking to try CBD edibles.

Similarly, the Flower of Life CBD pod is a perfect introduction to CBD vaping for someone that is interested in an alternative way to get their daily CBD dosage. Flower of Life CBD’s products were impressive in everything from packaging to taste. Don’t pass these up! Use code “SLYNG20” for an awesome 20% OFF your entire order from Flower of Life CBD!

By Caleb Chen

Caleb Chen is an avid cannabis researcher and founder of The Highest Critic.

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