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Sutra STIK 650 Cartridge Vaporizer by Sutra Vape

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Introducing the newest member to the Sutra Vape roster, the Sutra Stik Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. This extraordinary device delivers increased vapor and potent flavors for a one of a kind experience. Coming in a compact frame, it is ergonomically made so it fits comfortably in the palm or pocket, making it ideal for travel. Combing top performance and innovative design you are not going to go wrong with this piece. Get the Sutra Stik Vaporizer by Sutra Vape today!

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The Sutra Stik Vaporizer by Sutra Vape is a groundbreaking, innovative device made to elevate your vaping experience like never before. Ergonomically constructed to fit the curvature of your hand, it is ideal for travel. To get the Sutra Stik Vaporizer started, press the power button five times rapidly; please note if not done quick enough the device will not register the action. Once on the user can set their desired voltage by clicking the power button three times and bright LED lights will turn on in an ascending order in accordance to the voltage ranging from 2.8V to 4.2V. It also employs a preheat mode. With two clicks of the power button, it begins a 17 second cycle for continuous draws. One click of the power button ends the preheat mode. To get your session started, you’ll have to load your chamber. Just remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge, load your desired amount of your favorite oil, attach the magnetic adapter to the cartridge, then place it back into the chamber and you’re all ready to go! Easy as that! On the first initial charge of the Sutra Stik Vaporizer, charge it for about two hours. After the first charge, do not charge over an hour so you won’t wear down or ruin the battery. While charging the lights on the battery will light up in ascending order to indicate the battery level; one light for 25%, two lights for 50%, three lights for 75% and four for 100% fully charged. Powered by a whopping 1100mAh battery, the Sutra Stik Vaporizer features a resistance range of 0.5ohm to 3ohm, four voltage settings, magnetic thread adapters, high rate discharge lithium ion battery, accommodates up to 12mm cartridges and micro USB cord for easy charging.

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