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Evolve Plus XL Concentrate Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

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If you want a dab pen that does it all you’re in luck! Wulf Mods and Yocan have partnered to bring you the Wulf Evolve Plus XL Powered by Yocan. A revolutionary all-in-one device, it is the perfect go to when wanting to enjoy your concentrates on the go. Utilizing top of the line technology and superior performance, one draw from the Wulf Evolve Plus Powered by Yocan and you’ll know why this device is considered the best. So don’t miss out! Get the Wulf Evolve Plus XL Powered by Yocan right now!

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The Wulf Evolve Plus XL Powered by Yocan is the premier vaporizer from the top manufactures Wulf Mod and Yocan. Known for their innovation the two teamed up to come up with a one of a kind device. Far from your traditional dab pen, the Wulf Evolve Plus XL is an all-in-one dab pen that features advanced technology and top performance for unforgettable sessions. Made with precision, the Wulf Evolve Plus XL Powered by Yocan really delivers. The Wulf Evolve Plus XL is an all-in-one compact and portable dab pen that uses advanced technology. A stand out on the market, this modern device utilizes Magnetic Connection that allows the atomizer tube to connect to the base with convenience and ease. It also features an exclusive quad coil technology which uses 4 quartz rod coil that allows for bigger clouds, pure and better-tasting vapor. It doesn’t stop there; the Wulf Evolve Plus XL also includes a coil cap that prevents any leaks, quad coil quartz atomizer, an adjustable airflow valve, and a 1400maH battery with micro-USB charging. Compared to the traditional dab pen, this device incorporates a detachable built-in dual compartment silicone jar located at the bottom, to keep vaping materials in one place when not being consumed. It allows the user to use more than one flavor since it has a dual-compartment jar. Made out of silicone, it's very easy to keep clean and wash. The Wulf Evolve Plus XL Powered by Yocan may be small but it's sure powerful! Packing power of devices twice its size, this device will have you enjoying session after session, using its power to keep you going. With a whopping 1400mAh surge of juice, this unit will let you enjoy your goodies without needing extra charging. If you’re looking for a dab pen that packs some serious punch, the Wulf Evolve Plus XL Powered by Yocan is the perfect device for you!

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