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The PULSE battery is the sleekest and smartest battery in the industry.

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The PULSE battery is by far the smartest and classiest battery there is. It is an industry new entrant, patent-pending, smart battery that registers the cartridge's resistance and appropriately adjusts the settings for optimal performance. All you need to do is attach your cartridge and get vaping. The PULSE offers a wide flavor spectrum, boosts the hit size, and also controls the temperature to avoid burn-out of the cartridge. This battery also made with "Never Burn", which is Vuber's patent-pending technology, which attenuates the heat when the user is drawing. This promises the user a great-tasting hit each time. It also comes with an LED screen that displays battery life, voltage, resistance, and wattage. It can also be set to manual mode for users who wish to specify their own temperature settings. A bonus feature of the PULSE is that it can be used while recharging, so the user doesn't have to wait before they vape again. RECOMMENDED USE: All 510 Thread Concentrate Cartridges

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