Ryot Slim 1905 Wood Grinder

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If you're looking for a premium wood grinder that will deliver smoothly ground herb with every use, look no further than the RYOT Slim 1905 Wood Grinder. This durable and portable accessory is engineered to perfection, and pairs well with a RYOT PackRatz or Piper. Comes in different shapes! This one is the Slim.

-Walnut Body
-Steel Teeth
-Original Design Patented 1905
-Magnetic Closure
-Guaranteed Not to Warp or Lose Pins
-2 Piece Design

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Looking for a sleek, durable way to grind your herb? Check out our Ryot Slim 1905 Wood Grinder! This premium grinder is made with precision engineering and features a smooth grinding action. It's perfect for taking on the go, and pairs well with our Piper or PackRatz products. Keep your herb preparation process easy and hassle-free with our Ryot Slim 1905 Wood Grinder!

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