Heir Waterpipe

Heir Waterpipe

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Heir Waterpipe is the perfect smoking companion for anyone looking for an easy and efficient experience. Engineered with powerful cooling and filtration, this waterpipe eliminates any inconvenience you might face while enjoying your session. It's also designed to be displayed in the modern home, making it the perfect addition to any décor.

Materials: Alumina Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Soda-Lime Glass, Silicone Rubber,
Included: Smoke Tool, Carry Case / Packaging
Size & Weight: 2.5lbs, 11 Inches

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Heir Waterpipe is the perfect smoking companion for flower enthusiasts. It's engineered for powerful cooling and filtration, and designed to eliminate inconvenience at every step in your session. Heir Waterpipe is the reinvention of the classic waterpipe that doesn’t mind being displayed in the modern home. With its efficient and intuitive experience, you'll enjoy a smoking experience that's easier on the lungs and eyes. Elevate your enjoyment of flower with Heir Waterpipe today!

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