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Used for dry herbs, this vape pen has a stainless steel herb chamber with a capacity of 0.5 grams. The “Orion” is a portable device that purely vaporizes your dry herbs, never producing any combustion. Not only is this a zero combustion vaporizer, but it also heats up in a mere 30 seconds. It always maintains a temperature between 360°F and 420°F. As a safety feature, the power automatically shuts off after 6 minutes. In addition to the vape itself, the kit includes a retractable micro USB charger, cleaning brush, and packing tool. Also enclosed within the kit, there is a lifetime warranty card! This card provides the serial number of your “Orion” and also explains how to redeem the lifetime warranty via The Kind Pen’s website. -Dry Herbal Vaporizer -Zero Combustion -30 Second Heat Up Time -1 Hovering Temperature Setting (380F – 420F) -Large Stainless Steel Chamber (.5 gram capacity) -Black Matte Durable Finish -6 Minute Auto-Shutoff Feature -Universal Micro USB Charging Port -LIFETIME WARRANTY

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