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Yocan Dive Vaporizer

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The Yocan Dive Vaporizer is a dab pen that is set to break barriers and transcend boundaries in the vaping industry. While it looks and feels like most dab pen, its electronic nectar collector makes it one of a kind.

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Yocan Dive Vaporizer helps you do away with the risks of potentially burning yourself or your friends would you be doing a group session. The risks of using a blow torch halfway high can be serious. By using an electronic nectar collector, you can still enjoy the same one-handed operation. Using the Yocan Dive wax pen means that you can dab right out of your wax container, allowing you to take more concentrates at the same time and do it without using a dab tool. In terms of prep time and portability, nectar collectors lead the game. It's also one of the most preferred means of dabbing by most concentrate consumers since fewer concentrates go to waste and one can easily monitor how much concentrate they've used since you can virtually see the concentrates straight from the container as they vaporize.

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