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Sutra Selfie Cartridge Vape

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The entire Sutra Selfie Cartridge Vape measures 2” tall and 1” wide, so feel free to carry it in a pocket or purse anywhere. People are looking for devices that are small, yet have the ability to function just as you would expect from Sutra Vape: perfection.

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The Sutra Selfie by Sutra Vape is an auto draw oil vaporizer. After the huge release with the Sutra Mini, Sutra Vape makes a giant leap with this device. The 3.7V vaporizer utilizes a 250mAH internal battery along with magnetic rings to fit your desired cartomizers. This entire kit includes a 0.5ml cartomizer, too. It's a discreet 2" x 1" unit with no buttons to use—simply breathe in normally and enjoy. The Sutra Selfie is the perfect stealth vaporizer for anyone.

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