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Glass-on-Glass Apothecary Jar by Infinity Jars

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This 250 ml jar from Infinity Jars is the smallest of our apothecary line and is extremely elegant, functional and economical. The gorgeous 100% UV glass on glass design is reminiscent of the medicine bottles of old, with a modern upgrade. Our ultraviolet glass prevents all visible wavelengths of light from accessing the contents of your jar which prevents light related decay. In addition, this glass is specially designed to allow wavelengths of UV and infrared light in. These unique wavelengths of light use high energy gentle cleansing to prevent your dried goods and other products from spoiling for 6 months or more. We have expertly crafted a premium glass-on-glass airtight seal into the ultraviolet glass to lock in aroma and keep out oxygen. This apothecary jar comes with a glass lid that can also be used as a small serving cup. You would be hard pressed to find another container on the globe that can match this jar's capacity, versatility and performance.

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