Utillian 420 Vaporizer

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Manufactured by: Utillian
Origin: China
Battery Life: 45 min
Heating Style: Conduction
Temp: 190C|200C|210C|220C
Compatibility: Herbs
Materials: Anodized Aluminum Shell,Ceramic Heating Chamber,Glass Mouthpiece
Key Features: Digital Display,4 Pre-set temperatures

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The Utililan 420 provides the owner with the best budget unit because of its 3 major features which include a glass mouthpiece, a digital display, and a 4 pre-set temperature feature. It is an affordable, highly efficient vaporizer that is perfect for beginners. The 420 vapor profile will satisfy just about every taste because it has a variety of settings including 220C, 210C, 200C, and 190C. This budget-minded unit is the only one on the market today that includes a vibrant digital display which allows the owner to monitor both temperature settings and battery level. The single, simple button operation design provides an easy-to-use experience, each and every time. Enjoy 45 minutes of vapor as well as a handy USB charging system with this awesome unit. You will receive top-notch vapor quality at an amazingly affordable price due to the glass mouthpiece feature which gives flavorful and smooth draws. Yes, the 420 is easy to transport by simply putting it into a stylish bag or even your pocket. In fact, for peace of mind, the mouthpiece can easily be stored in the Utillian 420.

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