Utillian 620 Vaporizer

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Manufactured by: Utillian
Battery: 2300mah
Battery Life: 60 Minute
Heat Time: 40 Seconds
Heating Style: Convection
Temp: 160C° - 220C° (320 - 428°F)
Compatibility: Herbs

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The 722 by Utillian contains impressive convection technology that has been reduced in size for the Utillian 620, which makes microdosing and solo sessions with the dry herb vaporizer a pleasant experience. Users will enjoy the precision temperature control and digital display found in the 620. Even the pickiest of connoisseurs will like the high-quality features that this unit has to offer. Users can craft a session just the way they want it by using the precise temperature control offered by the Utillian 620. A temperature range of 160 – 220°C or 320 – 428°F is usable by the 620. The 620's glass mouthpiece is the first to have magnetic sliding technology, which makes it easy to load the vaporizer. A 2300mAh battery that can run for 60 minutes per charge is the 620's power source. Charging the battery is easy since it uses a micro USB port. Inside the 620 is a convection helix that can be removed for easy air path cleaning and clog prevention. Stirring can produce the best extraction results, and this can be done with the 620 by using the built-in magnetic stir tool. When microdosing and single-user sessions are going to be done, the 620 the perfect vaporizer to use, as its convection heater and smaller chamber will bring out the best from each herb. In each session, .1 to .2 grams of herb will fit in the chamber.

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