Utillian 722 Vaporizer

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Manufacturer: Utillian
Battery: 2300mah
Battery Life: 60 Minutes
Heat Time: 30 Seconds
Heating Style: Convection
Temp: 180C°, 190C°, 200C°, 210C°, Boost mode = 225C°
Compatibility: Herbs, Wax
Features: Convection Heating, Single Button Operation, Boost Mode, Extract Compatible

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This Utillian 722 vaporizer redefines all of the attributes the community adored about the Utillian 721 to create Utillian’s best dry herb and extract vaporizer to date. The Utillian 722 boasts convection style heating, single button operation, 4 preset temperatures, 30-second heat up, a boost mode for full extraction, a 2300mah battery, and includes a wax canister making it extract compatible.

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Utillian 721 Vaporizer


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