K. Haring

K. Haring Dab Rig

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4.25” W x 3.3” D x 9.4” H
Iconic Keith Haring Artwork
Hand-Applied, Heat-Resistant Designs
90° Downstem
Turbine Percolator
UFO-Style Directional Carb Cap
Flared Bucket
Built-In Splashguard
Borosilicate Glass

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Inspired by pop-art icon, Keith Haring, the K.Haring Rig couples advanced water filtration with unmatched artistry. This piece houses a turbine percolator that generates a moisturizing cyclone of water for satisfactory cool draws. In addition to a built-in splash guard, the Rig is equipped with a 90-degree downstem and directional carb cap that gives you complete control over airflow. Heat-resistant designs are hand-applied to the borosilicate glass construction; opposing colors and black, bold lines arrange Haring’s vibrant aesthetic. The intriguing Rig is completed with Keith Haring’s signature.

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