10-Arm Tree Bubbler

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ROOR® Tech Fixed 10-Arm Tree Bubbler
(White with Black Outline Decal)
18.8mm ROOR® Tech Bowl
Authentication Seal *Attached to Tube

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The fixed stemless bubbler by Roor was redesigned in 2017 to allow a new look for the ROOR® Tech line. Made from 60mm x 5mm German Duran Schott glass for this bubbler 6” body and 26mm x 4mm mouthpiece and 5” neck. Percolation in this bubbler is a classic ROOR® Tech 10-Arm Tree percolator. This is a small but mighty bubbler, the base measures 5 ½” wide making this a sturdy piece. The new fixed stemless bubbler is complete with an 18.8mm joint and the 18.8mm male bowl with built in glass screen.

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