X 1130 Mini Beaker

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ROOR® x 1130 Mini Beaker
ROOR® Downstem
ROOR® Medium Funnel Bowl
ROOR® Authentication Seal *Attached to Tube

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The ROOR® x 1130 Glass Mini Beaker is 16” tall with a 45mm x 5mm 5” wide base and 45mm x 5mm mouthpiece and 60mm middle section for the completely enclosed secondary chamber that will prevent any cross flavors, allowing for a great taste for any smoker’s preference. This dual-purpose piece has a 14.5mm female joint with built-in reclaim for the encased two-hole percolated rig. The outer tube comes with an 18.8mm joint and 18.8mm – 14.5mm open-ended reducing ROOR® downstem. This is the perfect piece for any collector.

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