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Designed in Germany, the Zeus Arc GT offers a unique vaping experience with its lightweight body, gold chamber, and vapor path. It offers more functions than competitors with an amazing accelerometer, upgradeable firmware, USB charging, and three cycle options for temperature. This high-performance vaporizer offers 90 minutes of non-stop vaping, and its compact yet powerful design (22.5mm x 42mm x 87mm) sets the tone for the perfect vaping experience. The gold chamber allows for optimum vapor production to enhance dry herb usage, but the design still remains highly compact and discreet without compromising on function or quality. In fact, don't let the small size fool you! This device can produce some of the biggest vapor clouds you'll ever see, but you won't find yourself compromising on time, quality, or full control. The 350mah battery makes the Zeus Arc GT an ideal travel companion offering 90 minutes of non-stop usage, plus, it's unique design elements mean it can discreetly stow away virtually anywhere from your purse to your pocket. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned vaper, this is one product that will get your seal of approval!

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