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1x Zeus Arc
1x Micro USB Charging Cord
1x Multi-Tool
1x Cleaning Wipe
2x Cleaning Stick

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The Zeus Arc vaporizer is made in Germany and is one of the most powerful dry herb vapes on the market today, especially of the portable type. This compact vape features a 3500mAh battery and has a 90 minute expected battery life per charge. This is combined with an ingenious heat sink and a stainless steel air path that ensures users get the full flavor from their herb with every use. The Zeus Arch has three temperature settings so that you can get the perfect experience. The lowest setting is ideal for those who want a rich flavor, while the middle setting offers a balance between vapor density and flavor, and the highest setting produces a thick vapor. The vape includes a haptic feedback feature that indicates when the desired temperature is reached. It also comes with a built-in tool that makes stirring dry herbs and maintaining the vape easy to do. Tech-savvy users will find the upgradeable firmware a great feature too since it opens up an array of customization options to produce the perfect vaping experience.

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