Switch Vaporizer by Airistech

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In The Box

1 x Airis Switch Vaporizer
1 x Bullet for Dry
2 x Bullets for Concentrates
2 x Spare Silicone Bottom Lids
3 x Pipe Cleaners
1 x Fiber Carry Bag
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual

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Item Details

This innovative vaporizer Aris Switch is made for dry blends that can be easily converted to support concentrated oils using the included bullet chamber inserts. For dry blends This device uses a top-quality ceramic heating oven that ramps up rapidly, delivers robust flavors and is 100% food safe. Airistech also includes a stainless steel bullet insert option for dry that can help streamline your sessions on the go. When you're planning to go out for the day, pre-pack your extra bullet so when you've finished up with your first session you can just drop it in and quickly get back to vaping without the hassle of refilling.

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