Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer

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Dual-Purpose Vaporizer
Patented QCell Technology
Variable Voltage Battery
1500mAh Battery Capacity
Glass Wax Storage Jar
Glass Water Bubbler
Glass Mouthpiece

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Airistech has been manufacturing reliable and affordable vaporizers for years now. Get ready to call The Airitech Headbanger your new favorite Vaporizer. The Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer is a dual-purpose vaporizer that can be used as a nectar collector as well as a dab pen. The design and engineering that this device has gone through makes it a stellar unit with each part and component serving its own specific purpose in making the Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer a unique and a practical choice for wax concentrate consumption. The Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer boasts a beefy 1500mAh battery capacity capable of lasting and outliving other portable vaporizers in its class. It's outfitted with Airistech’s patented QCell technology which allows you to use their quartz heating element designed to maximize efficiency and efficacy. It also uses carefully selected raw materials to ensure that the wax concentrates you use with the Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer are faithfully preserved allowing you to reap the benefits of your select extracts. It further enhances the experience by giving you moisture conditioned hits so the vapors you inhale are clean and are cool. It even includes a wax container should you want to take more concentrates when you go out and about. The Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer is a carefully thought of device which ensures that you’d have the best on-the-go dabbing experience. Get the wax vaporizer you always wanted with the Airistech Headbanger Vaporizer.

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