Herbva X by Airistech

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1000mAh Battery Capacity
5 Temperature Settings
Full Ceramic Heating Chamber
20-Second Heat Up Time
Micro USB Charging
3-in-1 Vaporizer
Single-Button Control

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Innovation at its finest, the Airistech Herbva X shocases the latest in vaporizer technology, especially in the portable vaporizer realm. It can vaporize all types of materials from herbs, wax concentrates, to thick oils. The Airistech Herbva X strives to be the be-all-end-all answer for all your vaping needs. The Airistech Herbva X offers 5 temperature settings providing you with the full spectrum in terms of having to reap the benefits your select material has to offer. You can now make the most of your yields of herbs, concentrates, and oils. It also heats up very quickly giving you that immediate and on-demand result especially if you’re using your vaporizer to help you with managing several medical conditions. These 5 temperature profiles are easily controllable and can be conveniently toggled using the single button on the Airistech Herbva X. This makes operation and uses easy and straightforward.

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