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First of its kind, is the Terpometer, a vape tool that has an inbuilt thermometer! But why would you need a thermometer in a vape? Inexperienced users may wonder but veterans know the value of temperature in creating the perfect flavor. Many are the times that low temperature from a vape fails to harness the true richness of a flavor, or on the flipside, ruin it by overheating. With this inbuilt thermometer, such worries can be bid goodbye. The tool has a screen that illuminates green when the ideal temperature to apply extracts reaches. This way, vapers are guaranteed optimal effects and the perfect vaping experience. Timers, chazzed bangers and infrared temp guns are a thing of the past with this device. Moreover, it is specifically calibrated for ceramic, quartz, or titanium surfaces. For the most precise technique to enjoy extracts, simply get the renowned Terpometer from Slyng.com.

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