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Secure and simple magnetic attachment
Includes EVRI battery that serves as basis for the EVRI system
Includes Vapor Tip attachment for enjoying concentrates straight from the jar
Includes 510/ Vape Pod attachment for 510 threading compatibility and accommodation of vape pods

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The EVRI Vape Kit Starter Pack provides you with everything you will need to dive into the ever-changing world of the EVRI multi-functional consumption solution. The EVRI is built around a battery that utilizes magnetic connections to link with a series of attachments including a Vapor Tip attachment that acts in similar fashion to a dab straw and 510/ Vape Pod attachment that attaches to 510 threaded devices and vape pods alike. With more attachments in development, the EVRI Starter Kit offers a gateway to a wide array of consumption experiences, perfect for the spontaneous user.

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