Magical Butter

Magical Butter Machine Botanical MB2e Extractor

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Easily programmable through 2-button system
Hygienic stainless steel construction leaves it easy to clean
Easy-to-read digital thermostat
90-micron nylon purifying filter
Heat resistant safety glove included

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The Magical Butter Machine has been dubbed the world's 1st countertop Botanical Extractor. This unit conveniently concocts all sorts of infused goodies from edibles to topicals to tinctures. Featuring a simple and intuitive 2-button system. Crafted from hygienic stainless steel, it's easy to clean so you can dive right into your latest creation. Magical Butter Machine recipes are included and more are plentifully available through a quick web search, so you can look forward to years of infused culinary creativity.

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