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Mayoral Quartz 10m Flat Top XXL Banger

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Extra thick base for premium heat retention
Blown in joint seal for structural integrity
Flat top for easy capping
Made in the U.S.

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The Mayoral Quartz Flat Top Banger offers a supremely thick base, allowing you the perfect amount of extra heat retention you want for low temp dabbing. Mayoral Quartz bangers are renowned for having a higher neck than most bangers, resulting in fewer occurrences of valuable concentrates slurping into the downstem. Flat top bangers are easier to cap with your carb cap, lending to an overall more enjoyable dabbing experience. As with all Mayoral Quartz products, these bangers are hand crafted in Bear, Delaware using only materials sourced in the U.S. Get today with free shipping and the lowest price you will find anywhere.

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