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Highly Educated Gavel 3, Full Quartz Banger - 10mm

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Optimized for both cleaning purposes and functionality
8mm opaque bottom (of which only 4mm remains as floor)
Rounded basin radius allows you to get every drop of wax
Improved seal design allows for easier cleaning and maintenance
4mm opaque walls allow for quicker heating
Floor allows for uniform temperature between floor and walls
Prevents drinking by being 5mm deeper than Gavel V2 models

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Highly Educational is proud to bring back the Gavel Quartz Banger which is priced for its superior functionality and ease of cleaning and maintenance. and since Since the V3 Gavel dab bangers are 5mm than the V2 models, drinking is also prevented. Designed from 99.99% pure SiO2 opaque quartz, these bangers exhibit heat retention in excess of 80 seconds. Hurry and get yours today. These guys sell quickly

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