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Hoss Glass H004-19 - Beaker Base with 19mm Joint

Seller: Slyng

(1) H004-19 - Beaker Base

(1) YX10 - 6.25" / 16cm Downstem

(1) YX12P - 14mm Bowl

(1) YX8 - 45mm K-Clip

Caution do not pick up waterpipe by the neck. Always support the base.

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Height: 8" Inches / 200mm Joint Size: 19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl Stem Length: 6.25" Inches / 16cm Build-a-Bong® Beaker Base with 19mm Joint. This classic beaker base is stylish with any set-up. Connect it with any Hoss Glass® Middle and/or Top.

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