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Hoss Glass H145 Kit - Holey Pyramid Beaker with Coloured Top and Inner Section (18") and Carry Case

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(1) H145 - Holey Pyramid Beaker with Colored Top and Inner Section

(1) YX12AP - 19mm Cone Bowl

(1) YX21C - 19mm Super Thick Bowl

(1) Q005-2 - 19mm Quartz Banger

(1) Hoss Glass Carry Case

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Height: 18" Inches / 450mm Joint Size: 19mm Bowl Thickness: 5mm This piece comes with a new Hoss Glass carry-case and extra parts! The Holey Pyramid Beaker. This piece is unlike any other. We've taken our traditional Pyramid Beaker and have taken their traditional Pyramid Beaker and have included an inner wall with a grid diffuser to give this bong a whole new look. Holes on each side pass through the base into an inner pyramid. The top and inner pyramid are available in five colors. It's a piece that will definitely turn some heads.

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