Diamond Grind 4 Piece 56MM (2.25")

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Classic Diamond Grind
56mm (2.25”)
Four Piece Aluminum Grinder Resists Wear and Tear
Silver Aluminum
Lifetime Warranty for any Manufacturing Defects (Broken Screens, Scratches, Chipped Teeth, Etc)

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Original DIAMOND GRIND 2.25" (56mm) Aluminum 4 piece herb grinder. The grinder you are buying is a 4 piece SILVER aluminum grinder with magnetic top and a standard screen for pollen collection. Diamond Grind have special super sharp teeth made for grinding herbs and spices perfectly. Each Diamond Grind is milled from a solid tube of aircraft aluminum, that will strongly resist wear and tear over time. Each Diamond Grind has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!

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Diamond Grind 4 Piece 56MM (2.25")


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