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The Rio Portable Dab Rig by Stache Products (Green)

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The Hottest Portable Rig for Cold Start Dabbing

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Perfect for cold start dabbing, the Rio Portable Dab Rig from Stache Products is one of the most convenient portable rigs on the market. R.I.O. stands for rig-in-one and this model does not disappoint as an all-in-one on-the-go wax rig. The Rio doesn't rely on coils but is instead all-mechanical. This means fewer parts to replace and maintain. This dab kit includes a glass bubbler with showerhead perc, a carb cap, quartz banger, dab tool, and torch all within a high quality zippered carrying case. Glass Bubbler with Showerhead Perc (14mm Female) Quartz Banger (14mm Male) RIO Base (black and white marble/ Limited colors coming ) Torch with overflow valve Glass Carb Cap Dab Tool High quality zip up carrying case with Eva Foam

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