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2-in-1 Dip & Rip Pen

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The Vive, is an easy to use, pocket sized 2-in-1 pen style device. With this pen you have the option to dip into some concentrate using the honey straw style atomizer or convert it to a 510 thread battery for your favorite cartridge. This allows you to utilize normal non-distillate concentrates or cartridges. It's simple, single button feature, makes it easy to use and change temperatures. With three temperature settings designated by the LED color, you can choose which one is right for you. The temperature/color settings are: Green - low Medium - medium Red - High The fast heat-up speed allows the pen to be ready for use quickly. With an automatic shutoff you don't have to worry about turning the pen off. If using the ceramic atomizer, just remember to put the magnetic cap on it when finished. This will help keep the atomizer clean and free of pocket lint! The Vive is your perfect on the go, pocket device that provides a long lasting charge and dual use. When you need to recharge the pen, just use the included micro USB cable. An easy to clean device, just remove the silicone mouth piece and use the included pipe cleaner to clean out the air-path. What's not to like about this device? It's small, portable, easy to use and most importantly, it rips!

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