Medicali Split-P

Seller: Slyng

Height : 10 Inches
Joint : 14mm
Use With : Concentrates
Comes With : 14mm Male Flat Top Banger
Packaged: 13” Branded Medicali Box
Designed By : Medicali® Glass
Made: Los Angeles California USA

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NEW Medicali® SPLIT-P Rig ((AKA SPLIT PERSONALITY)) 10” tall and made with 9Mil Schott Boro Artistic Glass. Its triple pinch is both a splash guard and ice catcher. Its Joint is fire polished with a clean finish. Extra durable and equipped with a 14mm Male Flat top Banger that forces water and smoke through tight slits, and into the split chamber filtering debris. This rig functions best with approximately 2 inches of water. Every SPLIT-P rig includes a Medicali® geometry symbol on the bottom of the base, along with a Hologram for authenticity

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