Marley Natural

Marley Natural Rise Up Water Pipe

Seller: Slyng

12.0" H x 5.25" D
Ice Catcher
Striking Scarlet Lettering
Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass
14mm Female Joint
Beaker Design

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Featuring a Rasta approach to the classic beaker-style design, the Marley Natural RISE UP™ Water Pipe delivers smooth, flavorful hits that satisfy the soul. Emblazoned with bold and beautiful scarlet lettering, this pure borosilicate glass pipe offers powerful water-filtration for maximum purity. An eight-slit percolator ensures satisfaction every session, while a built-in ice catcher keeps hits smooth. The Marley Natural RISE UP Water Pipe blends the spirit of Bob Marley with fine craftsmanship to take you higher. WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Marley Natural RISE UP Water Pipe 1x Borosilicate Glass Downstem 1x Borosilicate Glass Bowl

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