LEVO Oil Infuser

Levo I Oil Infuser

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Create Butter & Oil Herb Infusions
Revolutionary Kitchen Appliance
Simple LED Interface Offers Total Control
Child-Lock Option
Controlled Heating

Levo Oil Infusion Machine
Stir stick
Magnetic Material Strainer
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1 YEAR WARRANTY LEVO takes the mess out of home infusion! It uses controlled heat to transfer flavor, scent, color, and nutrients of herbs into the oil or butter of your choice. HOW IT WORKS LEVO incorporates a gentle infusion method, meaning your ingredients will not get aerated, thus extending their shelf life. Infuse oils for ointments, topical creams, balms, body scrubs, and more! MAINTENANCE Dishwasher safe components make LEVO clean-up and maintenance a breeze. With a modern design and sophisticated style, LEVO is a countertop accessory that will fit into any kitchen.

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