KandyPens C-Box Pro

Seller: Slyng

510 Thread
4 Variable Voltage Settings
390mAh Battery
Compatible with <10.55 mm Diameter Tanks
Magnetic Adapters
Micro-USB Charging Port
Developed & Designed In The USA

1x KandyPens C-Box Pro
2x Magnetic Adapter

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Featuring a convenient 510-threaded battery, the KandyPens C-Box Pro fits tanks or prefilled cartridges up to 10.55 mm—delivering you an unparalleled vape experience. This innovation includes two magnetic adaptors that attach securely to your liquid concentrate cartridge or tank. Boasting four variable voltage settings (2.3V, 3.0V, 3.6V, 4.2V), the C-Box Pro lets you choose between flavor-rich vapor and substantial cloud production

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