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Eyce Collector

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The Eyce Collector Includes

Platinum Cured Silicone Body
Multi Percolating Water Filtration
Storage Container (Compatible with Rig II and Hammer)
Proprietary GR2 Titanium Nozzle
The Titanium Nozzle is compatible with the Eyce Shorty

Can be converted for use with dry material with our Shorty Glass Bowl

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Functionality and originality collide in the Eyce Collector. The Collector boasts a proprietary Grade 2 titanium nozzle that delivers pure, flavorful vapor, and a water filtration system that features numerous percolators. The platinum-cured silicone body sports an integrated storage container that can hold enough material for extended sessions. HOW TO USE THE EYCE COLLECTOR The first step in using the Eyce Collector is filling up the water filtration; unscrew the unit and fill with enough water to produce bubbles, but not so much that you get splashback. Reassemble the unit after you’ve filled the filtration area. Next, unscrew the storage compartment so your concentrate is easily accessible. Heat the titanium nozzle and make contact with your concentrate while you draw from the other end—vapor should be produced immediately.

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