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The Around-Towner is just as the name would suggest; it is the perfect intermediate size duffle for weekly travel.

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When designing the Around-Towner, Revelry chose the toughest material they could find because they understand the surprises that traveling can throw at you. The sophisticated Around-Towner is notorious for its superior strength, water resistance, and stylish aesthetic. This intermediate-sized duffle bag houses an abundance of space for your essentials—including a discreet inner stash pocket. Its innovative Carbon Filter System traps any unwanted odor, creating an easy and worry-free travel experience. The Around-Towner features a hook and loop zipper cover, and a rubber-backed nylon that ensures your travel essentials remain safe. This iconic duffle bag is also equipped with end handles and a removable shoulder strap for maximum comfort. To get your bag smelling as good as new, simply place it in a dryer for a few minutes to release all absorbed odors. Dimensions: 24” x 14” x 13” Volume: 72 Liters CARBON FILTER SYSTEM The Around-Towner features a Carbon Filter System that’s constructed from layers of odor-absorbing charcoal and synthetic filters. Commonly found in many Revelry bags, the Carbon Filter System ensures unwanted dry herb or concentrate smells never escape. RUBBER-BACKED EXTERIOR The Revelry Around-Towner’s hybrid design is also constructed from a stylish rubber-backed exterior. This durable and water-resistant exterior provides protection for your essentials—delivering you peace of mind while traveling.

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