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The Stash Can Voice-Activated Smell Proof Stash Box

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Keeping your stash safe, secure and inconspicuous should be as simple as possible and the Stash Can Voice-Activated Smell Proof Stash Box delivers. This minimal smell proof container can only be opened through voice-ID or through the free app, allowing you to keep your stash and other valuables even more secure than the traditional lockbox. However, the Stash Can also includes a built-in Kensington anchor if you want to attach a compatible steel lock (not included). The Stash Can stash box keeps security and convenience hand-in-hand, allowing you to grant access remotely. Best of all, there are no pin numbers to remember, no keys to fumble; just simple voice-activation whenever you need access. Stash box opened through voice-ID or through the free app Smell proof container Share access from anywhere Built-in Kensington anchor for attaching a steel lock No more pin numbers or keys Includes: white Stash Can base with lid, USB power supply, and cable

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