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Height : 10 Inches
Joint : 14mm
Use With : Flower
Comes With : 14mm Hourglass Bowl + 4.5” Showerhead DownStem
Packaged: 13” Branded Medicali® Box
Designed By : Medicali® Glass
Made: Los Angeles California USA

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10FTBBL Medicali® 10 Inch Flat Top Bubble Beaker is 10 inches tall and made with Schott Boro Artistic Glass. Its unique base shape holds a perfect amount of water creating a smooth compact hit. Included is our showerhead downstem that can be removed for easy cleaning. The Medicali® Flat top Bubble Beaker comes ready to use with a 14mm Hourglass Bowl and functions best with approximately 3" of water in the base .The Flat top mouthpiece design is an extra thick wrap for a comfortable and durable hit.The mouth piece also features a triple pinch that cools the smoke if ice has been added. Every tube includes a Medicali® geometry symbol along with a Hologram for authenticity. You can now customize your piece with assorted fonts and colors.

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From: Santa Ana, CA


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