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The Executive: a beautifully crafted luxury vape kit in the style of a high-end writing pen, with molded gift case containing a branded silicone and custom 100% pure titanium dabbing tool.

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Plated in 24 karat gold, glass enclosed ceramic bowl, and comes with both a ceramic coil-less heater and a single quartz rod with titanium coil heater for the user's own preference. The battery has 3 different temperature settings (Low [BLUE] - Med [GREEN] - High [RED]), click the button 3x to switch between them. The battery has a universal 510 thread, and can be used with disposable cartridges (only the pen cap won't work when using a disposable cartridge), we just recommend the BLUE Temp setting to match the voltage that disposable cartridges prefer. The Dank Fung Executive Kit includes: - DFE 3 Stage Vape Battery 650 mAh - Glass Atomizer Cover - DFE Quartz Rod w/Titanium Coil Atomizer - DFE Ceramic Plate Atomizer - USB Charger - Premium Titanium Dab Tool - Discreet Pen Cap Cover - Silicone Dab Container

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