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iDab Beaker Rig (Opal + Lip Wrap) (downstem matching lip) 14mm

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Everything that you love about beaker bongs is artfully captured in the iDab Beaker Bong Rig.

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This wax rig employs the solid and stable beaker bong shape with a wide, supportive base and straight tube neck with a built-in ice catcher as a bonus. A glass knocker protrudes from the stem with a shard of opal forever suspended at its center, making each piece unique. The distinctive iDab logo is brandished across the stem like a stamp of approval. Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate, the iDab Beaker Bong Rig is a reliable daily driver meant to go the distance. Stable beaker bong design Built-in ice catcher Made in the U.S. Decorative glass knocker encasing a shard of opal 14mm joint size

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