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Scorpion Hand Pipe from Wolf Grinders

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The perfect pocket pipe for the on-the-go cannabis user.

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The Scorpion Pipe from Wolf Grinders presents a bead-blasted and anodized hand pipe CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for serious performance. This innovative take on the spoon pipe uses modern technology and design for your immediate convenience. It features a swivel cover with a built-in pick piece, ideal for ashing while on the go. The Scorpion Hand Pipe won 2019 CCA Award for Top Pipe/Bong for its innovative design that finds a stem that can wrap around the piece, working with the swivel cover to make the piece more compact and secure during travel. A series of neodymium rare earth magnets ensures a steady closure. While most aluminum pipes are known for harsher hits, the Canon Pipe employs a removable 22mm quartz glass bowl for pure, clean tokes. Winner of the 2019 CCA Award for Top Pipe/Bong CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum Removable 22mm quartz glass bowl Stem folds up and around the body for improved portability Neodymium rare earth magnets ensure a steady closure during travel Swivel cover Screw- in pick piece allows you to ash anywhere Bead-blasted and anodized

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