Xvape Cricket 2.0 Wax Vape Pen

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Concentrate / Oil Cartridge Vaporizer

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The world’s best cannabis vape pen has gotten an upgrade! The XVAPE Cricket 2.0 concentrate vaporizer pen is the enhanced version of the original Cricket and is jam-packed with more features. The XVAPE Cricket comes with a new pre-heat function to allow you to get the most out of your cartridge, it also features a much wider temperature range (580°F – 930°F), an elegant gunmetal finish, and a portable hard shell case. XVAPE has taken the workhorse classic Cricket and made it even better! This device is similar to the cricket but comes with a pre-heat function to help you get the most from your cartridges. Also comes with a handy hard shell case, dab tool, USB adapter, and high quality refillable tank.

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